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Thread: Not ready to wean!

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    Default Not ready to wean!

    My friend is having some issues with nursing, and I thought I would come here for some help. She has a 9 month old baby girl, and would very much like to continue nursing her daughter until she is 12 months old. However, her daughter seems to be weaning herself. It doesn't appear to be a strike, more like impatience with the whole situation. Baby doesn't want to wait until letdown. Mom's milk supply is also suffering because of the situation.

    Any ideas?

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    Has your friend changed anything recently regarding nursing patterns or how she feeds solids? A sudden increase in solid intake, giving more liquid via a cup/bottle, introducing juice, things like that can make them more interested in those things rather than nursing. Also, at that age babies can become more distracted and she may need to change where she has her nursing sessions. A boring/darkened room may help. She should offer to nurse before giving a solid meal, so the LO doesn't fill up on solids and then not have room/desire for breastmilk.

    I know other mamas will come along with some more advice!

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    with the PP

    She may just have to change some stuff around right now to get her back to nursing well. Usually you see a big intake in solids or other liquids get in the way of nursing, or distractible baby. RARELY if ever does a baby wean himself before a year, something else is going on it might just be hard to pinpoint.
    A nursing holiday, just spend the day with your baby were the only objective is to rest and nurse always helps too.

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