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Thread: normal? left vs right

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    Question normal? left vs right

    So it has always been this way left makes at least twice as much milk as the right but it is "bluer" in color, I'm guessing the right one has more fat? Is there any way to even them out, If I store the 4 ounce bottle and feed her the 2 ounce one is that ok, or would it be better to mix them maybe then divide it up and store it and feed 2 ounces of mixed milk to her? I only pump once a day in the morning. Shes 9 lbs 9 oz at birth and is 14 lbs 9 oz at her 6 month check up as of week before last.

    Also I appreciate all the support and input from everyone, It has been hard for the past six months but hubby comes home from Iraq today!
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    Default Re: normal? left vs right

    mama! you are doing great.
    BM can come in an array colors. I have similar situation, but my right makes more. B/c my R makes more, i get to see much more of the foremilk, which is thin, watery,and a bit more blue tinted than the creamy, rich-looking hindmilk. I like to mix my hind & formilk, b/c too much foremilk can sometimes cause gas.
    I don't know if you can even them out...someone else may know more about that.

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    if you are pumping both sides within 24 hours, I personally would mix them and then separate for feeding - just to be sure but I'm sure that it probably won't matter either way since your lo will eventually get all the milk anyway, kwim?

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    Default Re: normal? left vs right

    Lefty was the oveacheiver for me and then they switched later on in our nursing relationship. I never really checked for a color difference.

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    It's normal. Mine were like that, too. I mixed what I pumped from each breast to even them out a bit.

    Congratulations on your husband coming home!!! I bet he can't wait to see you and his little daughter.
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    Congrats on your hubby coming home! What a very special time for you all!

    Yes, the different color expressed milk sounds pretty normal. If you do mix different amounts at different times, make sure they're both at the same temp... maybe after putting them both in the fridge for a while and gently shaking each container beforehand? Storage Guidelines from LLLI

    This "can" even out after a while, but then sometimes just offering both breasts throughout the day will give baby more of a balanced mix... if you know what I mean??

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