Geez. Nothing is for sure when it comes to babies huh?

She looks adorable trying to nurse and then finding my shirt and trying to stick that in her mouth too ..

Yup - She's drooling.... thats nothing compared to was she was "leaking" last night.

I woke up to nurse her at 5am to find her back was covered in poop. It was everywhere .. on her, on her blanket on our fitted sheet on the top sheet and I saw some underneath my husband... I poked him and told him he had a little bit of poop on him. He FREAKED - ran downstairs and jumped in the shower - it was was hilarious. He was disgusted... I ended up interuppting his shower to have him rinse off the baby. She of course was all smiles. (My little pooper)

I'll check her gums tonight ..

*And thank you mia!