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Thread: Thinking about Weaning

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    Question Thinking about Weaning

    My son is 8 months old and w/in the last few weeks has decreased how much he nurses. He gets three solids a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and one snack inbetween. I use to nurse every three hours but when he started eating solids I would nurse and two hours later he would eat a solid then two hours after that I would nurse. Well saturday He went 5.5 hours w/o nursing..he had a solid in there...and it didn't seem to bother him. So Sunday I fed him breakfast at 9 and he went until 1:30 before he nursed. I would like to have him weaned by 1 year...He doesn't strike me as the type to be attached b/c he could careless if it's EBM or from the breast itself! So my question is...how do I go about weaning him, how often should I pump so I don't loose my supply, and, I know you can't give cow milk til 1, but should I give him EBM beyond one or can I stop and let my milk dry up and if so when can I do that? I am so ready to wean ....also how do I go about weaning him from his night feedings b/c he does wake up and want that once so I need to figure out how to stop that...Any help would be great!! Thanks.
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    If you wanted him to be weaned AT a year old you'd have to do some supplementing. Since the primary source of nutrition is supposed to be your milk or formula until then.
    You could probably cut back a little, and it sounds like he's doing that already. I'd just be cautious about him nursing 4-6 times a day to make sure he's still getting the calories and fat and all the nutrients he needs. Regular food just isn't enough right now.

    That said, dropping the feeding that he seems least interested in first is easiest. Then go from there to the next easiest until your only at the most necessary sessions for him. Don't offer don't refuse might be something that works for you guys. Make sure to still cuddle and get plenty of one to one time. Dad helping with a new routine is going to be a big help, he can ease into your nighttime ritual and then take over when you guys are ready to wean. Sometimes only mom will do, that's ok too, just get Dad involved if at all possible!

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