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Thread: advice needed - back to work worries

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    Default advice needed - back to work worries

    hello everyone

    -can I first say how great this website has been for me over the past few months-

    I am worried about going back to work.
    My LO is nearly 6 months and I have bf her until now. I started introducing some solids about 2/3 weeks ago. She is doing well.

    I have to go back to work soon sadly and I dont know what to do as she wont take milk from a bottle, just wants her breast milk from me.

    I only have to go back part time but I am really concerned about this and how I am going to get her milk during the day I can still continue bf the rest of the time.


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    Default Re: advice needed - back to work worries

    Are you the one trying to get your lo to take ebm from the bottle? Some lo will not take a bottle from mom or when mom is in the house when they know the source is nearby. You could also try a sippy cup since your lo is close to 6 months.
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