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Thread: Help! Baby won't take bottle

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    I want to start by saying that I am very sad to have to wean my 6 month old baby girl. I had wanted to bf for at least 1 year, but I need to take medication that I cannot bf with and need to wean her now.

    I have been suffering with recurrent cystitis for a few months now and have put off taking the right medications because i have been bfing. I am allergic to several antibiotics and need to take cipro long-term to hopefully rid me of this terrible problem. You cannot take cipro long term while breastfeeding, it can harm baby.

    The problem is is that my baby hates the bottle. I used to express my milk and give her bottles in the first few months, but when she was about 3 months old, she stopped taking bottles at all and will only take the breast. she eats small amounts almost every hour. she is a very finicky eater! she also sleeps with me and helps herself to my nipple througout the night. she also uses me to comfort suck and pacify.

    since i don't have her on a feeding schedule, the method of replacing feeds gradually doesn't work - especially since she will only scream when i put the bottle near her mouth. i have even tried slipping the bottle in while she is bfing to ease the transition. didn't work. i have tried several bottle and nipples and have even tried taping a pacifier to my breast - hoping she could get used to it for comfort. she just screams. i just get worried because if she doesn't get the breast, she just won't eat...

    i also want to mention that she does eat some solids, about 1-2 jars daily. She also had colic until she was 5 months old and still has reflux - although she is spitting up less everyday.

    please help! i love breastfeeding her, but the pain and everything associated with cystitis is really starting to wear me down and get me depressed. as good as my milk is for my baby, i believe it is just as important for me to be healthy and happy for her...

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    At 6 months have you tried a sippy cup or soft cup? You might be past the age to introduce a bottle.
    Also having someone else introduce her to another way to take milk might be a better option for you if at all possible. A lot of babies won't take a bottle from mom, they are much too smart for that!

    Also, are you talking about taking Ciprofloxacin? Hale rates that as a lactation risk L3 (the scale is L1-L5 with L5 being you cannot nurse and take that medication) and it was recently approved by the AAP for use in nursing women. Dr Hale's book Medications and Mother's milk is an awesome resource. Make sure your Dr has a copy!! If you want more info on it, you can call your LLL Leader and ask to have more information about it. She can copy the pages and send them to you.


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    with my son I had to give him a sippy that leaks in order for him to drink anything out of it cause at 6 months his doctors told us to introduce water and he refused the bottle so we gradutated straight to the drippy sippy. just one that mimics nursing once mommy has let down, just like with the let down they really don't have to "work for it". He loves the sippy cup now. I hope that helps, oh and normally if you are still lactating they can smell it so try to have someone else hold her while you go in the other room, if they smell it they usually want just that and nothing else.

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