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Thread: So Glad We're Still Nursing!

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    Smile So Glad We're Still Nursing!

    Mikey came down with that stomach bug recently. Barfing and ...well, it was bad. Anyway, at certain points of the illness, all he would eat and drink was what he would get from nursing. It was so reassuring to know that he was getting all those nutrients from breastmilk when he wouldn't eat or drink or eat anything else. If he hadn't been nursing, he would have maybe had pedialyte, which is fine. I know I would have worried about his nutritional needs not being met. Strange that it would in the midst of one of the times that I'd be worried most, I was actually put at ease.
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    I was there recently too! Yup, some day I know I'll have to deal with a stomach bug without nursing, and all will be fine. But it's definitely comforting to have that tool while we do!

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    I agree...when they are sick..(So far no flu here..)But we have had our fair share of sniffles and low grade temps...and for that matter those DARN teeth! Especially the molars and "I" teeth! It seems it does not take much to upset my dd's appetite! So when she is such a willing and eager comfort nurser...I am just like you...thankful for every drop of bm she gets!
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    Isn't it wonderful! Of course it's too bad Mikey was so sick, but it's great that you were able to nourish and comfort him just when he needed it the most.

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