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Thread: Help with noisy preemie

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    Default Help with noisy preemie

    Hey everyone - we just brought home our now 35-week-old son yesterday after a month in the NICU. He's been getting breastmilk by breast or bottle (or gavage) the whole time. When he takes it from the bottle (or gavage, before) it was supplemented with HMF.

    He did have some trouble with reflux and O2 saturations after eating, and most of the time he was there his bed was at an angle so his head was higher. The night before we brought him home they laid him flat again and said he did fine.

    So, now he's home (not even 24 hours) and he's been grunty and noisy all night when he's sleeping. I don't remember him being like this in the hospital - he seemed to be a lot quieter - but of course, we weren't there 24/7.

    My question is - have any of you had this issue? Was it the angle of sleep? The HMF? Should I knock dairy out of my diet and see if that's it?

    Right now he's breastfeeding every other feeding, and taking a bottle for the others - 8 feedings a day. He's such a champ - can't wait to BF exclusively...

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*finally-a-mommy View Post
    I don't remember him being like this in the hospital - he seemed to be a lot quieter - but of course, we weren't there 24/7.
    I don't have any personal experience with this issue, but is it possible that you're noticing his grunts and noises more because he's home, in a quiet house, instead of in an isolette in a noisy NICU?

    Congratulations on getting your LO on the breast!

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    Default Re: Help with noisy preemie

    babies are someties noisy..
    and you guys are still getting used to each other.

    ARe you sleeping in the same room?

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    Default Re: Help with noisy preemie

    The biggest thing they stressed to us was that baby would NOT be anything like he was in the NICU once we got him home...we were like "ok, yeah right" and it was the most true statement of them all!

    We didn't supplement with HMF so I have no advice there, but I would think that he is probably just getting used to everything, as you are him!

    Congratulations on getting him home!
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    Default Re: Help with noisy preemie

    My LO is never quiet awake or asleep. Never has been and I wouldn't think he ever will be. I was the same. He talks all day (his verbal development is awesome if annoying) and grunts and squeals in his sleep. It was disturbing when he was a newborn and I was worried about everything but as I got used to it - it reassured me nothing was wrong. It got so I only woke up if he was quiet for too long.

    HE has always slept with us but it does take some getting used to.

    (it may help to think to yourself - noisy babies are often early talkers and good verbal skills make school etc easier.)
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