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Thread: Emergency weaning - Please Help!!

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    Default Emergency weaning - Please Help!!

    Hi all!
    I have come here desperate for help. I have one daughter who is 18 months and is nursing mainly to have her nap in the day and then to get to sleep at night then a couple of times on waking through the night. It's also a huge comfort/cuddle thing with her and I have enjoyed nursing - however, I have just found out I am pregnant again and I'm at high risk for a miscarriage. I have started cramping/contracting while nursing and the Dr has told me if I want to have this baby I have to stop nursing immediately. How do I explain that to an 18 month old????? I don't know what to do. She's SO addicted to nursing.....

    But if I don't do something, I lose my baby...

    Any advice is very welcomed!!! Thanks

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    Default Re: Emergency weaning - Please Help!!

    First of all, congrats on the pregnancy. It is so hard having to pur one baby before the other.

    A child of 18 mos can understand so much more than we give them credit for. You could try telling your baby that your breasts hurt and that your baby can snuggle them. Maybe let your child snuggle, but tell her that the nipple is the owie part. The first 1-3 days will be bad, but you can get through this. You could try having your husband comforting her, or trying to comfort her yourself. This varies with each child.


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    Maybe we can support each other. My son is 12 mths old and I found out yesterday that I have a staff infection and have to stop breastfeeding "cold turkey". Started Tetracycline last night. Too much of a risk to his teeth. He is on solid foods, baby foods and sippy cup with whole milk. He still demands to nurse, especially when he is sleepy. We stay at home so he gets what he wants when he wants it. I am on an emotional roller coaster as I am sure you are to. My son still nurses about 10 x's/day. I am doing the cabbage leaves and expressing only what I have to. This is horrible. We will all make it thru it though. I have called my lacatation nurse and they said to get the cabbage leaves and when they are cold to get a rolling pin and roll it over the veins to realease the juice. Use this for 20 min. It is no longer advised to wear a tight bra due to increased cloged milk duct per kelleymom.com. Last night I gave my son benadrly. He has a cold and he is teething and it also helped him go to sleep a little faster. My husband travels so it is really hard on us right now. I wish both of us luck.

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