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Thread: Pump or hand express? (also posted in R&IL)

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    Default Pump or hand express? (also posted in R&IL)

    Which matters more... the stimulation from pumping or the amount of milk you actually get? I can pump for 15 min on each side and not even cover the bottom of the bottle. But I can hand express for a little more than 5 mins on each side and get about the same amount (or more)... and this is after ds nursing! Should I continue pumping, even though I'm not getting much, just for the stimulation? I'm doing everything I can think of and I don't really see a difference yet, but it's only been a week. I just didn't think it would be this hard since we weren't off track that long. I think it was no more than a week since I had felt a let-down that I started really working on getting my supply back...and he only went one full day w/out nursing after that. Granted, my supply was low to begin with. Why am I having such problems when I've NEVER had supply problems before...even when I was pregnant! The only positive thing right now is that he will nurse to sleep (sometimes) and I can get him to nurse for almost an hour after he falls asleep. I would have thought that would have made at least some difference in supply since he's been doing that for a week now. Any tips on what else I can do? I'm still working on getting the domperidone. I missed the call from the lc this morning... I'm about to call her back. But experience is always the best teacher
    P.S. For a little back history since I posted it in the relactation board. I have been taking the max doses more milk plus and goat's rue (about 2 weeks) and just started the eating oatmeal again (which help when I was just a little low and just taking fenugreek) I'm thinking my supply issues might have something to do the ovarian cysts that I have recently developed. It's the only thing that I can think of that's different this time around (that and I had my tubes tied). I have very successfully nursed 5 other children well past a year(one to age 4 and 2 through my pregnancies) and tandem nursed as well. I know my ds is a year old but I had my tubes tied and so this is my last baby. I'm not ready to give up yet...plus he HATES formula and cows milk gives him diarrhea (sp?) the best I can do is mix the two (still a pain to get him to take), but I'd rather be nursing.

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