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Thread: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

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    Question Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    There seems to be two common beliefs among those who don't BF regarding weaning:

    #1 You'll wean when the baby's teeth come in.
    #2 You'll wean before they can ask for it / grab for it. "No way, if they can ask for it, it's time to wean. No way would I have a child trying to pull out my boob in a public place."

    What do you find are the assumptions non-BFers make regarding weaning?
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    Default Re: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    I don't even think that's non-BFers, but women who do BF say things like this. My coworker breastfed and pumped for all 3 of her kids, but made the teeth comment to me. Thinking about it, most women who breastfeed only do it for a short time, and stop well before a year.

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    Default Re: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    There's a lot of a 'you need to wean by one year' setting time limits kind of thing.

    I never had any idea about when I might wean! Or how long I'd nurse and so on, it just kinda happened.

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    Default Re: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    you can give cows milk at 6 months or what ever date the doctor told them.

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    Default Re: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    Here are some I've heard:

    "Oh, you'll wean when she has teeth! Chomp chomp chomp!"

    "They get all the immunities they need in 2 weeks/3 months/6 months. After that, you don't need to nurse any more."

    "You'll get so tired of nursing."

    "You'll be so happy when you switch her to formula." (Not "if," but "when.")

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    Default Re: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    My lo just turned 15 months. My Grandmother is shocked I'm "STILL" nursing. She is convinced there is "NO nutrition" left in my milk.

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    Default Re: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    I just get the assumption that she's weaned when she's 1yo. Like it's an automatic stop sign or something.

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    Default Re: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    Assumptions that I could stop bf like turning off a switch.

    Assumptions that I'm in control of the weaning process.
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    Default Re: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    I agree that those beliefs seem to be common among women who breastfed. I know women who employ a "3 strikes, you're out" rule with biting, and many breastfeeding moms I know (outside of LLL) stopped nursing around 11 months because their child was getting to insistent or grabby. It was like once they could really request it, with words or gestures, their moms thought they were too 'grown up' to nurse. As if nursing them past that was somehow perverse, KWIM?

    I don't agree with either assumption, but I think they are common throughout Western culture, not just with non-BFing moms.

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    Default Re: Weaning Assumptions Of Non-BFers

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mothersky View Post
    I just get the assumption that she's weaned when she's 1yo. Like it's an automatic stop sign or something.
    You mean that your little one didn't radically change between the 365th & 366th day of life? All normal children do, you know. It's actually quite a miracle the difference 24 hours can make - on that magical day, they become miniature adults, which is why they don't need to BF anymore. Or at least that's what you'd think, listening to what some people have told me.
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