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Thread: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

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    Question Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    So, I have EBF my little boy from the time he was born (birth weight 8lbs 15oz 21" long; currently @ two months 15lbs 1oz, 24.75" long). This is my first baby, and I don't know what to do. Everyone thinks I am overfeeding him, and I am worried about him gaining so much weight. He is healthy otherwise. There are "tall genes" on both sides of his family, so he is destined to be a big guy regardless. I feed on demand, but he does have a strong non-nutritive sucking desire so we do use the pacifier (which I feel so guilty for). I have had substantial issues with oversupply, which probably contribute to his weight gain. My body is just really excited about breastmilk - I rarely pump (b/c I am scared it will make it worse) and I block feed.

    My pediatrician did not say that his weight is unhealthy, but she did say that I should not be feeding him every hour even if he wants it - that he doesn't really want to eat that often, but rather he wants to suck so I should give him a paci. I am not sure what to do. Should I put him on a feeding schedule? Maybe I am misinterpreting some of his cues as hungry when he just wants to suck. Whenever he is upset (which is often b/c he is a fussy-type baby) I always offer my breast first - maybe I shouldn't do that anymore? Feeding schedule?

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    Default Re: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    There is no need for a feeding schedule for a baby who is exclusively breastfed It is very rare to overfeed a breastfed baby. By feeding him on demand you are giving him control over how much and when he eats. He is learning what it feels like to be full, and you are not forcing milk into him - he is self regulating his intake and that's a skill that will be very valuable as he gets older!

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    Default Re: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    A pacifier wouldn't hurt, but a feeding schedule will. Those are meant for bottle-fed babies, not EBF babies who regulate their Mommy's supply. You cannot overfeed an EBF baby.

    After solids are well established, usually well beyond 6 months of age, it is safer to work into more of a nursing routine or pattern with your BF baby.

    ETA: What a cutie!
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    Default Re: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    no schedules. My son was about that size at 2 months as well. He ended up being a 30lb 1 year old but he has leveled off on the growing to a normal pace! He does what many babies do-chunk up and then grow taller, repeat....

    As long as he is healthy in other areas I would not put him on a schedule, that for formula babies.
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    Default Re: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    What a cutie!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE chunky babies My daughter was a fatty fatkins and she is a very healthy (almost) 5 year old. She is still losing her 'baby fat', but is very athletic and active and eats pretty nutritiously. I wouldn't worry about his weight at all. Keep feeding him without the guilt!!!

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    Default Re: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    I know this is hard when your baby is telling you one thing and everyone is in your ear about this.
    You've come to a place where we believe in what your baby is telling you!! You are not overfeeding your baby at your breast. He is telling you and you are responding to him.

    I think the bottle feeding culture we're in has really warped peoples ideas about what is normal. In tribal area's where ALL mothers nurse, babies can nurse up to 100 times a day. This is not a little tribe of overweight unhealthy babies!
    Babies setting their own eating schedule listen to their inner cues about hunger and therefore are healthier eaters as adults. Knowing not to eat when you are hungry and eating when you are sounds simple, but it's not so for many people.
    Also, your teaching your LO that YOU are a source of comfort, not food. Sure they get milk at the breast, but it's SOO much more. Love, comfort, warmth, smell, touch the list goes on. So he thinks, when I'm scared or sad, someone is there when I need them.
    Another thing is that a breast is not a bottle, in anyway shape or form. With a bottle you suck and either get a steady stream of the contents or air. A breast has all sorts of different variations of your milk. Babies can do what we call comfort sucking and only get a small amount of milk. They are flutterly little sucks, like when they are falling asleep.

    Bottom line is that you can not overfeed a breast fed baby, you can however nurse too little. Because you cannot force a baby to nurse. Can you overfeed a baby from the bottle with breastmilk? Yes, and it happens a lot.

    I'll send some links that might help make the case to your Dr or family. You don't have to defend your parenting decisions, this is YOUR baby!!


    BTW I think he's beautiful!! My baby is/was big also! He's often mistaken for much much older but there's not a thing wrong with him. When they start moving all the good fat they've store up melts right off.

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    Default Re: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    with everyone else- feed your baby when he demands it. Your doctor sees your child every few months for 20 minutes. You see your baby all day, every day. So who knows him best??? Also, breastmilk digests fast, much faster than formula. A breastfed baby who wants to eat every hour or so is hungry.

    Tall genes are a good thing. My DH was a breastfed baby, and my MIL says he gained a pound a week on breastmilk alone. He was born at 7 lbs, 10 oz, which means that at 2 months he weighed about 15 lbs, too. He grew up to be 6'9". Gaining a pound a week was just about his genes- he was destined to be a big, tall dude and he got an early start in getting there.

    Your baby's weight gain will plateau, I promise. Many breastfed babies gain weight extremely fast in the early weeks/months. Once they become mobile and start burning calories with rolling/scooting/crawling/walking, their weight gain slows waaaay down, and a slim toddler will emerge from that baby chub. So enjoy those rolls while they last!!!

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    Default Re: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    Just to further illustrate my point, plus who doesn't love baby pics!

    Here's my LO at 11 weeks (with mamaw) I specifically remember someone asking what I was feeding him at this party. I said just my milk, and they couldn't believe it.

    Here he is this Christmas (with mamaw again) at 2.5 years. Enjoy your little one!

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    Default Re: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    I totally agree with all the pp's advice. I was in almost the same boat as you. My son was almost 10 pounds at birth and weighed 15 lbs at his 2-month visit. From the time he was 6 wks old till 4 months old, he nursed every 1.5 hrs during the day, with longer stretches at night. There was nothing I could do to "hold him off" from feeding during the day during that time - he would just scream until I finally nursed him. This is NORMAL, as long as diaper output is good, weight gain is good, and they are content after a feeding. It sounds like you're already quickly learning that pediatricians often don't know the first thing about BF - and putting such a young baby on a schedule is almost guaranteed to wreak havoc, if not ruin, your BF relationship. You are still in the process of your body regulating your supply to your baby's needs, and if you don't nurse when baby demands it, your body will not get the signal to make the milk your baby wants. You CANNOT over-nurse a BF baby, especially one so young.

    Many new moms are totally unprepared (as I was) for the fact that some newborns want to nurse more often than the every 2-3 hr "norm" that all the books talk about. Some of them want to nurse every hour and that's okay, although it may be very difficult for mom. You can keep doing what you're doing, or you could try to use the paci a little more, but you said that you feel guilty about it.

    As a side note, my DS is now almost 14 months and still BF. Once he turned 4 months he all of a sudden did not want to nurse every 1.5 hrs anymore, and from then on it has almost been a struggle to get him to BF. He just would rather do other things and eats solids really well, and doesn't seem to find as much comfort in nursing as a lot of babies do. My point is this: when I look back on the time when we were BF every 1.5 hrs, I was so frustrated with it then - I felt so tied down (we never got the hang of nursing in public) and stuck in the house, and felt like I was the only one in that situation. I now look back on that time and wish so badly that I had tried to enjoy it more - that was the only time when my LO really acted like he loved to BF. I wish I could have that time back! It sounds like things really are going well for you - try to relax and enjoy your newborn and your nursing relationship.

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    Default Re: Should my 15lb 2-month old be put on a feeding schedule?

    A friend of mine has a 2 year old and a 4 month old. Her 4 month old is 20lbs! He is a very big baby, but her 2 year old was the same at that age and now he is a tall, lean but solid boy in 4T clothing. I think sometimes babies just grow fat before they grow tall. And your baby is adorable!

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