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Thread: Please tell me this is a growth spurt!

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    Default Please tell me this is a growth spurt!

    Things were going really well up until we hit Christmas but then she seemed to get a bit overstimulated by guests and her sleep patterns went out of the window. Then for about 3 nights I got her back on track. Now it's gone really bad...it's like having a newborn again. She is feeding constantly and waking through the night. It means that I can't pump some extra milk to supplement the following day so the amount of formula she's getting has gone up too. I'm supplementing by SNS but my boobs feel like they are going to fall off. Added to the discomfort is the fact that they seem to be now irritated by the tape that is used for SNS so they are very itchy too. I think I'm still making the same amount of milk but without pumping it's hard to tell.

    Eleanor is just over 5 months...could this be a growth spurt? I hope it is because it's draining me and made DH suggest weaning for the first time.
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    Default Re: Please tell me this is a growth spurt!

    Hang in there Mama!

    Babies have "frequency days" for a lot of reasons, teething, growth, milestones, working on a new skill etc. They do grow in spurts, and there is a well-known one around the six month mark, give or take.

    As long as her wet diapers are okay, just hang in there and nurse, nurse, nurse! It'll pass, and she'll have grown an inch!

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