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Thread: weaning a 3 month old

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    Default weaning a 3 month old

    Is the best way to wean by dropping one feeding session every 3-5 days starting with a mid-day feeding and ending with the one right before bed? Thinking that if he feeds now about 8 times a day if should take about 4-6 weeks to wean. Right?

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    Default Re: weaning a 3 month old

    LLL says wean slowly with love.
    With a baby that young you are going to have to replace the nusing with formula.
    Any reason that you are weaning?
    Some moms find that they can combine bottle feeding and breastfeeding and the baby does just fine.
    Any breastmilk is great for baby even if they just nurse one time a day.
    they are getting some of the benifits of nursing.
    it doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing..
    if you need more help don't be afraid to call your local leader.
    heres some links:

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