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Thread: very painful left breast

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    Default very painful left breast

    since lastnight, I have had an area on my left breast that is very painful. It feels like a swollen milk duct cause it feels lumpy undermy skin from my nipple to my breast bone. But I have tried feeding and pumping to empy the breast and the painful, lumpy area is still there. what do I do? How do I know for sure that it's what I think?
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    It sounds like a plugged duct. Do you have a fever or any red streaks over the area that is sore? Those are the signs of mastitis (though I have never had it), I have had plugged ducts about once a week since my son was born (6 months). I get in a hot shower and let the water run over the area that hurts and hand express. Then I have my son nurse and hand express some more. Sometimes I can see white spots in my nipple where the plug is and I can use a needle to get these out and it opens the plug (hurts though and is a risk for infection). The last really bad one I had I had my husband massage the plug out (he massaged harder than I did) and this worked. Hang in there, rest and drink a lot of fluids. Plugged ducts usually resolve within 48 hours.

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    There is also some good info for treating plugs here. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon!
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