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Thread: Experience with Domperidone or Vitax?

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    Default Experience with Domperidone or Vitax?

    Could anyone who had taken Domperidone tell me how it worked for you and how you obtained it? Also, I have read some things about Vitax increasing prolactin levels, but it also has the potential to lower them. Given the cysts on my ovaries and the screwy periods, I'm thinking that my hormones are out of whack, and if that's the case then I would think that the Vitax would probably help. As long as I only take low doses of it. Any ideas or experience with this? Thanks in advance for any info or advice you can give

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    Default Re: Experience with Domperidone or Vitax?

    I used domperidone, but did not get spectacular results from it. It's possible it did help somewhat, but it was hard to know since I was doing lots of other things, pumping etc. I did have some difficulty weaning off it, but that was because I tried to do it too quickly and it backfired.

    If you're in the US, it IS possible to obtain it legally, if you can find a doctor willing to prescribe it. Then you have to find a compounding pharmacist to make it for you, because it's not legal to sell the brand versions (it's a strange loophole around the FDA). There's a compounding pharmacist in the Boston area I could point you to if that's helpful - otherwise trying googling them. Some people obtain it via the internet from other countries, but I'm not sure how legal this is to do.

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    Default Re: Experience with Domperidone or Vitax?

    I am using dom right now and it has worked really good for me. I hadn't breastfed in 5 months and yesterday after 2 months of using it I was able to feed my son 2 full feeds of breastmilk. I had my doctor call me a prescription into a compounding pharmacy that I found online. You can also order it from inhousepharmacy.com. Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Experience with Domperidone or Vitax?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*manitobamommy View Post
    Some people obtain it via the internet from other countries, but I'm not sure how legal this is to do.
    from dr newman

    Domperidone is also available from compounding pharmacies in the U.S. with a prescription, and countries other than the U.S. and Canada without a doctor’s prescription. According to Dr. Newman, a doctor’s prescription is not necessary to import the drug as long as the drug is not a controlled substance, it is for personal use, it does not exceed a three-month supply, and the patient lists the name and address of a doctor who will be overseeing the patient’s use of the medication.
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    Default Re: Experience with Domperidone or Vitax?

    Hi there, I used dom and I never breastfed. I began relactating when DD was 6 months old. I obtained it at first from a US compounding pharmacy after receiving a perscription from a pediatrician who was also a registered LC. She helped me to relactate. I was successful and that was from NOTHING and no breastfeeding for 6 months.

    I ate oatmeal daily and took fenugreek each day and saw the largest increase with dom. I was so successful that my menstrual cycles stopped! I was able to get about 16 oz of BM per day but I gave up at about 10 months old as the routine for pumping was so rigorous to get that amount.

    It does work and good luck to you!

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