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Thread: Calling all nursing nurses

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    Default Calling all nursing nurses

    I know there are other nurses out there. Where do you work? What is your specialty? How old is LO? What hours do you work?

    And most importantly, how do you juggle pumping and working?

    I'm Stephanie, I work in a small town hospital. I'm in OB, but I just came from 5 years of Peds/NICU in Seattle. My son is 14 months. I work three 12-hour shifts per week, nights (1900-0730).

    And I am lucky--I not only get to pump when I need to (usually), I get to use the department's Symphony!!! Nice to be in OB at this time in my life.

    Anyone else out there?
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    Default Re: Calling all nursing nurses

    I'm a nurse, too!

    I work on a telemetry unit- with post open heart surgical, vascular surgical, thoracotomy, and other general cardiac patients. I have to return to work on Saturday (1-17-09), my LO is 7 weeks old. I work weekend package and have ever since I returned to work after DD1 was born. I also work 3 12 hour shifts (0700-1930)- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, for now, I'm going to go back working Saturday and Sunday only to completely avoid daycare for DD2.

    I started pumping on 1-1-09, just once a day (and not even every day), to make sure that there is enough milk for DH to feed DD2 on my first day back. Looks like it won't be a problem as we've already got lots and lots and lots of milk in the freezer! I guess that's one good thing about oversupply...

    The people I work with are AWESOME about covering for me for my "breaks". I pumped at work for 16 months with DD1 (nursed for 21 months). I'm NOT ready to go back to work and WORK, but I am ready for the socialization!

    Any other nurses here??
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    Default Re: Calling all nursing nurses

    I am an ER nurse in a relatively small town, however, we have a surrounding community of about 200,000. Needless to say, I am constantly busy.

    I have been back to work for a month and I am glad to be back. I do miss the time with my baby, but I only work weekends so that helps. My issue is feeling like I don't make enough milk while I am at work. Well, I know I make enough, getting it out is tricky. So I am in process of trying different ideas I have found on here.

    Its nice to know there are other women faced with 12 hour busy shifts that are pumping too.

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    Default Re: Calling all nursing nurses

    I'm a midwife in the UK, never been a nurse though. I work one day a week but go to nights in a week or so. Very worried about the nights as baby won't take a bottle and am doubting my husband is going to be keen to get up and give her porridge in the night!
    Will be 12 hour shifts too - please tell me you find time to go and pump? We are so busy the whole time, Im worried I wont be able to get off to do it.

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    Default Re: Calling all nursing nurses

    I'm here! Currently working 5 days / 8 hrs and just went back last week. I felt like I hadn't seen my daughter in a month by Friday night!

    I find it hard to break out and had a bit of difficulty figuring out exactly when to pump. My LO is still every 2 - 2 1/2 hr feeding and I'm really concerned I won't be able to keep up either.
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    Default Re: Calling all nursing nurses

    I am a nurse at a 220 bed hospital, fairly small, and have found an awesome position with the float pool that allows me to work all different shifts. The hospital is mostly 12 hour shifts, with some 8 hour shift nurse still. I often work 3pm-9pm on a telemetry/CVCICU unit, 7pm-11pm in ER, 3-11pm on the surgical or NSU floors, etc. Although I really miss the 12hour shift, I love not having to be gone for so long from my sons (just started back with DS#2 yesterday, he is 12 weeks). I do have a hard time pumping though in just 4 hours, but sometimes I can make it back home in time to nurse and I don't have to worry about it. I started doing these shifts when my first son, now
    3 1/2 years old REFUSED the botttle. I would work 6 or 8 hours, and he wouldn't have one drop, just waited for mommy to come home. On some weekends my husband could bring him to me to nurse him on a quick break, but that didn't happen very often. He weaned when I was 18 weeks pregnant with #2! I got to like floating so well, that I stuck with it. DH has home office and we have MIL 2 miles away to help with childcare though. That helps a lot!
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    Default Re: Calling all nursing nurses

    Hi everyone, just getting back to work myself and I'm so excited about it. My daughter is 13months now and I'm wondering what are others doing about how much breast milk to give over a 12hr shift? She loves her milk and I'll be there for morning and night, but should I just pump enough for my husband to give her some at lunch? She eats and drinks everything so I'm not worried that she's not getting appropriate nutrition.
    thanks for your responses in advance

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