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Thread: Have to work :(

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    Default Have to work :(

    Okay, so I realize this is going to be an extremely open ended post, but I have a ton of questions, and I apologize in advance, I am cursed with wordiness! I have been lucky that we saved enough for me to stay home this long (DS is three months as of yesterday), and due to certain circumstances, I am faced with the reality that no matter how much we scrounge and save, I have to go back to work soon, even if just a few days a week. I just feel so overwhelmed, I am young, a first time mom, and because of all of my friends with children, NONE BFed past the first week except one (due to my encouragement! Her DD was born right after my DS), and she is a SAHM. Basically, I don't have anyone to go to advice for! So, for the questions...

    I have been looking at all kinds of daycares, both in home and a "business" kind (I don't know what the proper word is), and I lean more towards an in home daycare, I think I would just feel more comfortable. I have found one that is affordable, the woman is a mother herself, CPR, SIDS certified, registered with the state, and close to home. But I have heard enough horror stories as well. I know to get references and to look at a bunch before a decision, but maybe I am missing something important?

    Also, I have only pumped ONCE this entire three months, in the beginning when I had engorgement problems. I have been reading through alot of the posts, both in this section and the milk storage, but I am still a bit clueless as to a sensible way to pump enough, my DS eats ALL the time! I have learned to walk and nurse, as I am also chasing around two puppies, and trying to take care of the house, etc. It is probably quite comical if I step out of it. But on the rare occasion that he does get a bottle of formula (i know, i know ) he will eat about 6 to 8 ounces, and then nurse for 20-30 minutes not even 20 minutes after the bottle!

    And finally, the THOUGHT of someone else spending that much time with DS without me is truthfully HEARTBREAKING. So I guess any type of advice, encouragement, personal stories, etc would be extremely appreciated.
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    Default Re: Have to work :(

    I know how you're feeling. Last week, was my first week back to work... And I was so glad when the week was finally done and I made it through!

    We decided on a home care environment for our 3.5 month old son. We chose a home daycare for several reasons... 1) It was convenient and flexible 2) I wanted to develop a relationship with the person that would take care of him. 3) The home was bright, clean and had age appropriate toys and the space was a place he could grow into. I went to visit the home daycare (they had an open door policy) several times. I know how hard it is to leave your little one at a daycare... I knew that no one would ever care for him the way I care for my little one... The only thing that I wanted was to make sure that he was clean, happy, safe and fed at daycare... That's all that I could ask for from a provider. Follow your gut feeling when you interview providers. If you have any doubt, listen to it.

    By three months (in December) I was working on getting my son on a schedule for eating and I put myself on a schedule for pumping. Every morning after his morning feed, and I put him down for his morning nap, I would go pump. I tried to make sure that when I breastfed during the day, he had a FULL feeding so I was only feeding him every 3.5-4 hours. His last feeding before going to bed was at 7 pm. Then, at 10 pm I would pump again. Usually ay 10:30pm, I would bottle feed him whatever I pumped earlier that day as a dreamfeed. I found that dreamfeeds would keep him fuller through the night, so instead of waking up twice a night, I would only have to wake up once... and this was pretty important to me as I was preparing myself to get into a routine to go back to work.

    I know how tough it is to go back to work... But you are doing the best that you can and you're doing a great job there Mom! It definitely seems overwhelming at first, but once you get into a routine, it will get a lot better.

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    Default Re: Have to work :(

    Jenna(562) might have some good info for you about finding a good provider...I know that she was very thorough in her search...

    Good luck on going back to work mama...it does get easier...
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