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Thread: Best nipples

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    Default Best nipples

    Not the real ones, you sick-o!
    What's the best artificial nipple. 7 wo seems to be having trouble with the Gerber silicone orthodontic nipples (infant flow). I got those bc that's what my older son used, but Jad is having a hard time with it- I think because they are so narrow. Unfortunately, I have narrow-necked bottles and rings, but I guess if I have to I could get the wide ones if that consensus is a wider nipple. (But I'd have to pump into the narrow ones and transfer to wide since the pump only fits the narrow ones...)

    Any suggestions?
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    I'm not a fan of the silicone nipples. My DD has the worst time sucking form them. She loves the latex ones. I think it's because they are softer and makes it easer to suck milk out. The silicones are so hard.
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    I think Breastflow is great! It was designed by a lactation consultant and most closely mimics the breast! LO has to use compression and suction to get anything out, and it looksl ike a mini-boob!

    It's the only one we never had problems with! You can get them at Target.

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    At first I thought you were going to ask about flat vs. erect nipples.

    I've heard good things about both the Adiri bottles and the Breastflow. If you go to Amazon.com, they have reviews/ratings of both. And probably other nipples/bottles too.
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    you might have to try some diffent ones before you find some that baby likes...
    here are some alternatives :

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