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Thread: Mint and Milk Supply

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    Default Mint and Milk Supply

    I have recently experienced a significant drop in the amount of milk that I pump during the day at work -- gone from 18 oz or more per day to sometimes barely 10 oz. Breasts rarely feel full.

    I have tried pumping more, eating oatmeal, increasing my water intake, with no improvement.

    However, I just saw the post about peppermint. During the past few months, I have increasingly been eating Wintergreen lifesavers every day -- and I mean a lot of them -- like 20+.

    I am going to stop eating them this minute. Anyone else have experience with this?

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    Default Re: Mint and Milk Supply

    When I was reading your post, I was wondering if I had written it myself but had forgotten... until I got to the mint part... I don't don't have any input on the mint part of your post...

    I started going back to work last Monday, and after my scheduled pumps, I had about 18 oz. Every single day last week, my supply went lower... By Friday, my total output was 15 oz. On Monday, my output was only 13.5 ounces!

    With all the changes going on last week, daycare, commuting and going back to work, I think I was just really stressed out! This week (since Monday) each day has shown a little improvement... I really tried not to stress about things this week... My husband took over making dinner each night, and my only task when I got home was to nurse, take care of baby and wash the bottles and parts... and NAP! Also, I have included a high protein breakfast (and high calorie diet) and eat more like I was when I was staying at home with the baby... I also am staying on the pump for a full 20 minutes each pump session and getting at least two let downs... I know it was stress and the new environment that was effecting my milk supply because normally I'll have two let downs in 10 minutes, but my second let down wasn't showing up till the 18th minute.... Anyway, that has been my experience in the last couple of weeks...

    keep at it... stay consistent... stay on schedule... and if you think it's the mint, stop eating it.

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    I am not sure what the problem is actually. I have been pumping at work since my baby was 6 weeks. She is now 6 mos. I also just started my period today. So maybe that has affected my supply?

    But I am not sure if it is the chicken or the egg. If anyone has any insight, please share. Baby co-sleeps with me -- so she is feeding at night, but my supply continues to drop and now my period is back. Did my low supply cause my period or did my period cause low supply? Or did mint cause low supply?

    I am pumping 4x per day at work and often nursing over my lunch hour as well. Plus I feed on demand from 7p til 8a every day. Seems like that should be enough stimulation to bring my supply back, but no improvement so far.

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    Default Re: Mint and Milk Supply

    I think it might be a combination of both things, maybe just a little of both to make it noticeable.
    I'm not sure how strong the mints you were eating were, and if they've got peppermint oil but if so that could do it! You might look up the ingredients.
    Your period can bring a temporary dip in supply, but it usually springs right back.

    It sounds like your nursing and pumping enough, have you checked all your pump parts for wear? Also you do have natural ebbs and flows, I rarely pumped just the right amount. Usually I didn't have quite enough or I had too much. This came and went several times when I was pumping.

    The one time I noticed a HUGE dip I finally figured out it was because I had been playing tetris on my phone while pumping, I wasn't relaxed. That can make a big impact.

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    Default Re: Mint and Milk Supply

    Wow! You are in the same positon I was in last month! I was pumping 18-20 oz/day and one week it went down so low, I couldn't get enough for next day's bottles. Then a few days later I started my period. Once I started my supply came back. It does that now about a week before I am about to start. I have read that your period can cause minor dips in supply, but for me it is drastic! If this is your culprit, at least you can prepare now.

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