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Thread: Baby's Upset Stomach

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    I'm a new mom and breastfeeding exclusively. Recently my daughter has been feeding, but crying so hard during some of her feedings. Mostly this happens at night. When she's crying, she is pushing out poop and I'm wondering if her stomach is upset. I've been eliminating medications (iron and prenatal) to see if that is causing the upset along with watching what I eat, but not much is really working as I have eliminated a lot of food from my diet to see if that was the culprit. I drink water all day, no caffiene, no smoking, no alcohol. I'm just at a loss of what could be upsetting her stomach. Any ideas??

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    hi mama! welcome!

    how old is your LO? And she definitely IS pooping when she cries or it seems like she is pooping?
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    She is 2 1/2 weeks old and the poop is what I'm guessing is poop. It's the yellow mustardy-watery substance.

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    Hi There,
    How does she act at other times? Does she only seem fussy when she's pooping? If so does she maybe have a diaper rash that's sore and the pooping hurts it?
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    Babies often have a hard time at first with the transistion from the meconium poops to real poops. I remember my daughter going through that as well. If that is the problem, it does pass, and her system will get used to it soon.

    It sounds like you are doing a great job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*norasmommy View Post
    Babies often have a hard time at first with the transistion from the meconium poops to real poops.
    Some babies just don't like the sensation of moving their bowels. But your baby will get used to it- we all do, right? And it wouldn't hurt to check for diaper rash.

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    I think it could be a one of a few things... Annabella has a hard time getting out her poop, and she is 31/2 months. She has always kind of had this problem.. she can't seem to go while lying down she has to while sitting up, and even when she is sitting up it is still a struggle for her.. and although I have read lots and lots and supposedly it's not constipation.. it is still very hard for her to pass her poops! She sometimes cries and gets upset when trying to go.
    Is it possible you have an oversupply?? I had NO clue that this was my problem until I called a local leader and she TOTALLY helped us out! I would have had no idea if she hadn't told me.. but one of our "symptoms" we were having was Annabella crying frequently during her feedings, upset! And I have noticed that when she is bothered she can poop just because of pressure.. like laughing when peeing? Ya know? Are you lying down at night when feeding her? Or feeding her differently in any way?? Also I take it you tried burping her right?? We struggled with that too in the beginning.. and I promise it ALL gets much easier as your baby grows, and you start to learn her habits!! Even after a couple of months.. still learning here though~But have learned ALOT so far!
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