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    Okay I have been thinking about trying one of these since I've heard a lot of people say good things about them helping to increase supply. I have tried everything I can think of, and so far nothing else has worked. How do these work?
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    Here is a picture of one. The bag of formula or expressed milk hangs around your neck. A little tube comes out of it, and you position it alongside your nipple when the baby latches on, so that she ends up with both tube and breast in her mouth. The baby feeds from the tube and the breast simultaneously.

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    I used the SNS for just over a week along with Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. Its fairly easy to use, just a pain to clean after every feeding. I found DD would stay and stimulate the breast much longer with the SNS since she was actually getting something. My suggestion would be to keep milk flow fairly slow (although not slow enough to frustrate your LO) just to keep them sucking well rather then just getting a ton of milk with very little work. I would let DD finish one breast then towards the "end" of the second breast I would sneak the tube in and then alternate which breast got the SNS each feeding. I'm not sure if it was the SNS that ultimately got my supply to increase, but something did.
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    If LO needs supplements, this is a way to give them and provide breast stimulation at the same time. These work best if baby has an effective suck/latch. We are using one now.
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    We've had to use one since my LO was born - though most people don't, so don't worry!! It is very helpful, but you have to make sure that you don't "unclip" the milk immediately, or they will get frustrated when your let down doesn't happen immediately. Unfortunately, my LO doesn't take my bare breast w/out it, but that's in part bc I make so little milk. I definitely recommend it, because it has kept us having a breastfeeding relationship. I will add that we use donated (screened) breastmilk and not formula.

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    An SNS can really help with reducing supplementation. I more than halved supplementation when I completely stopped using bottles (with no other changes). Even though they were slow flow, it was still easier for LO to feed from the bottle so she'd just take more that way.

    SNS is fiddly and takes some time to get the hang of but it's well worth it.
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