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Thread: Is it possible to just dry up?

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    Default Is it possible to just dry up?

    My supply has been down since last night and although ds has had plenty of wet diapers today I'm afraid of drying up! Is that even possible that I could just stop producing even while nursing and pumping? I have a feeling that my supply is down bc I only hear DS swallowing for a few minutes ager latching on and while he still contniues to "suck" I am not hearing him swallow after the first few minutes. I am terrified of loosing my supply all together. DOes this actually happen?
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    Default Re: Is it possible to just dry up?

    Don't worry! You will not just dry up as long as you continue to nurse on demand, unless you are pregnant or on hormonal birth control, which can negatively impact your milk supply. So long as your baby is producing the right number of wets and dirties, all is well.

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    Default Re: Is it possible to just dry up?

    and about this age LO is evening out from a past growth spurt and you two are becoming a more effective nursing team. No worries mama
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