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    I went back to work this past weekend! So, that means I left the house at 6:00am and returned at 8:15pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Everything went well, the girls stayed home with DH, who did an amazing job- he even used the cloth diapers on Avery!

    The problem??

    Avery only ate 8oz the ENTIRE time I was gone on Saturday. Then, amazingly enough, she wanted to nurse ALL NIGHT LONG! So, Sunday morning came way too quickly and I had to try to work again.

    She's 7 weeks old, and would only take 1oz at most feedings from the bottle for DH. Sometimes, she'd take close to 1 1/2oz. She was falling asleep eating and was content for the next two hours, so he didn't push it. It's obvious that she didn't meet her calorie needs, though, since she nursed all night long.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Avery only nurses from one breast per feeding, and is done in no more than 10 mintues- usually 5-7 minutes. DH said that it was taking her at least 10-15 minutes to drink the 1oz from the bottle. I have OS and OALD, often spraying her in the face- could she be ready for a faster flow nipple? All we have here is the slow flow and DD1 never needed anything else- we just used the slow flow with her for the entire time she drank from a bottle.

    Any other suggestions? I can't be up all night on Saturday night when I have to work on Sunday!!
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    I am thinking Clayton was similar when he got a bottle, it would take him forever to drink a tiny bit from those slow flow nipples. I think I would try to use a different nipple. Could it be she doesn't like the bottle? Is she getting frustrated? Clayton would, but it isn't sounding like that from what you described. Is this her first time with the bottle or have you got her to drink from one before?
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    it sounds like she is reverse cycling to an extent which is common when mom's gone during the day. I really don't know how to stop that other than to offer milk a lot and try to keep her awake during the day. Sorry mama
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    I dont have any advice but am interested in others' opinions. I have wondered the same thing. I think i have a brisk letdown (some spraying and popping off to catch breath), and good supply but i dont know whether to call it OALD/OS. My DD (13w) refuses the bottle entirely (see my panicked thread about this!) though in the past she has a few times taken 1-3 oz. Like you, I only used slow flow nipples with DD1, even up to age 1. But with her i had much lower supply, no spraying etc. Like you, I have wondered if a faster flow nipple would be more appealing to DD2 - but given the fact that now we cant get ANY nipple into her mouth other than mine, Im not sure how we would even test that theory!

    You always hear that bf babies should never have anything but a slow flow nipple; is a slow flow nipple slower than a fast flow breast?
    Any briskly flowing mamas out there have nipple advice for us?

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    I had the same issue when i went back to work. And I had OALD. We stuck it out for a couple of weeks, and then my LO took off eating those bottles. Any chance your DH could bring your LO to you at lunch? I used to arrange with my co-workers ahead of time as much as possible (I was working NICU at the time), then call DH and tell him when I'd have a break. He'd bring my son to me, and he'd feed me while I nursed LO.

    But with the bottles, my LO just figured it out over time. The night nursing eventually got down to a dull roar.


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    We used the faster flow nipples starting at around 10 weeks and voila, she started taking the bottle like a champ. I think she was just used to nursing off of a firehose, and that slow flow nipple wasn't doing the trick.
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