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Thread: First Time Mom Back To Work Challenges During the First Week

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    Question First Time Mom Back To Work Challenges During the First Week

    Hello Ladies!

    This is my first week back to work and it has been filled with challenges, self doubt and absolute exhaustion!

    My son is now 4 months and I don't know how much he should be eating at daycare. I wake him up at 5:45 am to breastfeed and drop him off at daycare at 6:30 am with 4 bottles 4 oz each. On average, he's been eating about 7 oz until I pick him up at 5:30! When I get home, I breastfeed him, he goes to bed at 7 pm and his dreamfeed at 10pm is usually 5 oz which he downs easily. He gets up at 3 am again and nurses for a solid 20 minutes. I know that there are some initial adjustments with him getting use to the bottle... but 7 ounces over 11 hours just seems too little!

    I am also concerned that my supply has been less and less each day... I pump twice each day at work. On Monday I pumped a solid 18 ounces, and today I felt like I struggled to barely get 16 ounces... I pump an additional two times at home... Once after the morning feeding, and once right before I sleep around 10 pm. When the weekend comes, should I breastfeed or should I stick with pumping? What can I do to maintain my milk supply?

    I hope that I can get some good feedback. It has been an exhausting week! I have to say I had no idea that a nursing working mom would be so much work and be so exhausting... Props to all you mommies out there!

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    Default Re: First Time Mom Back To Work Challenges During the First Week

    Hi and Good job with the new baby and working, I feel your pain mama!

    In general babies will eat 1 oz for every hour they are away from mom. That said it's also normal for LO to do a little reverse cycling, that means stocking up while you are together and mainly sleeping while away from you. Do you know how much he is sleeping at DC? When are they offering him the bottle? If you are worried that Lo is not getting enough, you should look at his diaper output. Is he having 1 poop diaper and 6 wet diapers per day (in disposables)? Any other signs of dehydration?

    As for pumping, it's normalfor your supply to drop a little when you return to work.

    Here are some good articles on pumping output and maintaining supply



    In generalthe good news is that you are keeping up with demand. I don't think it's necessary to add pumping sessions at this point just continue to pump when baby would normally eat.

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    Default Re: First Time Mom Back To Work Challenges During the First Week

    Jenna gave some great links and advice already.

    for making it almost through the first week!

    I am amazed at your pumping output. I never pumped that much, ever! I would agree that he could be reverse cycling. How often do you actually nurse when you are together- I didn't catch if you said if you were giving a bottle at 10pm, which I am assuming is because you knew the exact ounces. I would try and solely nurse when you are together and only use bottles for daycare.

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    Default Re: First Time Mom Back To Work Challenges During the First Week

    Hi Ladies! Thanks for the input. I read the link, and maybe my decrease in supply the last couple of days is due to getting my period earlier this week. I thought that breastfeeding moms wouldn't have to worry about it... I'm totally confused why my period would show up... The longest I go without pumping/nursing is 4.5 hours...

    Anywho, I've decided to decrease the amount of breastmilk in my son's bottles tomorrow... I have all the bottles labelled, and everyday this week, bottles # 1,3,and 4 had 2 ounces left!!! So, I'm thinking of decreasing bottles 1 and 3 down to 3 ounces instead of 4 to save me at least 2 ounces... I've been pouring the surplus down the drain at the end of each day which makes me sad... it's so much work to pump!

    Today, I tasted bottle #4 when I got home and it tasted fine, so I poured it into his dream feed bottle... I do a bottle dream feed because it flows faster and from experience, if I can get 5 ounces down, it means he won't wake up till 3 am... Anything less, and he'll wake up around 1:30... which means he'll wake up again before I'm ready to wake up.

    If I exclusively nurse at night, he would wake up about 3 times a night after I go to bed... he won't do a full feed because he keeps falling asleep... That's why I opt for the bottle... because I need my rest!

    One more day ladies... and the weekend will be here! Wahoo!

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