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Thread: Going away for 10 days

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    Default Going away for 10 days

    DD2 is 10 months now and am already thinking in June I will go take a course away for 10 days, she will be 15 months by then and probably with 3 or 4 feedings per day.

    My biggest concern is not really the brastfeeding but more the separation, I know she will be fine eating other things, whole milk and stored BM, but how will she feel in the middle of the night when she wakes up and it is not me at her side to the "rescue".

    I am really terrified, The first time i left DD1 she was already weaned and it was only 5 days, she was fine and I think I suffered more than her.

    Of course there is always the option of not going or taking her with me, but I really want to go and it is not possible to bring her with me.

    Any advice? Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Going away for 10 days

    I just wanted to reassure you that it will be quite ok.
    Our little ones can handle more than we think! When mom isn't there, they are very willing to take other forms of comfort!
    I'm sure she'll be fine.

    Now you on the other hand! :-D

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    Default Re: Going away for 10 days

    There's not much preparation you can do for the feelings you will have when you are away, as it is completely natural from a mom to miss her baby.

    And for her, I would just make sure she is well acquainted with the person that is going to watch her.

    Whenever I left my son, it was "out of sight, out of mind". He hardly realizes I'm gone but when I get back he makes up for lost time. As far as nursing, he accepted EBM in a cup or bottle from DH when I would go on business trips.

    But you're right, it is harder on you than on her!
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