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Thread: GAH!! I can't get her off!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*amysmom View Post
    She slept for 4 hours and then was up every 2 throughout the night. She's in the 85% for both her weight and height for her age. So I'm not surprised that my little pumpkin was cluster feeding. We just hadn't had one that went for hours straight!

    It's times like this that make me wonder how Mamma's do it that need to get out and do things. I'm lucky that I get to be here at home to cater to her needs and we didn't have anything scheduled yesterday.

    Lil'Miss is currently rocking out in her swing.
    feel lucky she goes in that swing. my guy doesnt like anything unless he is being held or is at the breast. Today he was in a good mood so I was like ok ill put him in his bouncer right next to me while i eat breakfast. NO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*Jenna562 View Post
    careful because I believe it also supresses milk production IIRC

    This may sometimes be true, but chamomile is relatively safe for most nursing mothers. If there's any concern, a mom might just drink a "light" version of the tea (steeping for less time than usual to help limit concentration, etc.). Some mothers *have* experienced some allergic sensitivities while taking chamomile tea. Of course, LLL does not have any opinion on the safety of Herbal Meds... The baby's age and amount of breastmilk is important to consider and even discuss with your healthcare provider.

    For more potent herbs, there can be some increased safety issues, especially since doctors like Hale says he's "not a big herbal fan due to our relative ignorance of this subject in breastfeeding mothers."

    That said, growth spurts can be tough... Hang in there! Luckily this won't last long. Sometimes when a mother uses a carrier of some sort & is able to carry baby around with her it can help. Plus, growth spurts generally only last a few days or so... Sometimes just "knowing" this can make things easier. Allowing your baby to nurse on-cue will also help protect your supply.

    Could your baby be getting sick or going through a developmental stage? Nursing can be so comforting to our little ones during these times, too.

    take care,

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    Those days can definitely be draining! Make sure you are getting plenty of fluids & a good book doesn't hurt either! Sounds like you are doing a great job mama! Hang in there! Next thing you know it will seem she has grown an inch over night

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    I feel for you! I spent my whole night last night on my side with my boob in Aimee's mouth. She'd finally finish nursing so I'd try to take her off and quietly roll over, only for her to instantly roll over on to her side and start rooting on my stomach!

    Good thing she's so cute.

    Hang in there!
    Mama of two precious girls
    DD1 born 23 July 2008 and
    DD2 born 14 January 2010

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