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    Hi! I've been bf'ing DD since the day she was born. It's been a battle but it's also very rewarding. When she was about 2 1/2 mo I noticed a small lump in my right breast, and thought it prolly was a clogged duct. I did the usual: applied wet and dry heat, massaged the area, pumped to drain milk...etc. Days passed and there was no difference, it didn't go down. I was expecting the fever to come as I predicted mastitis would ensue, but nothing. Not even pain. It was worrysome, since it was also growing. I kept at it, and a month went by. Finally I decided to go to the doctor's, I had a sonomamogram done and it revealed a mass of 9cm X 8cm, more or less. By this point it hurt, I had experienced redness and some days I would feel feverish and all around bad. Because of Insurance issues I had to go to and fro from doctor's offices and finally the diagnostic was a galactocele (milk cyst) and breast abcess. When I went to get it treated, the liquid was so viscous it could not be aspirated, so I had an incision & drainage. Thankfully, it was nothing worse than this.
    After the procedure, I felt pain, but it subsided. All that was left was for the incision to drain, which it did for around a week or so, on & off. I had to clean the wound twice a day and change dressings. There was no infection around the area but I was prescribed antibiotics just to be safe. They were bf safe. Had to wait 24 hrs to bf DD from the affected breast, due to the anesthesia, but after that, everything went back to normal, a lil soreness at the nipple, but nothing else.
    I first encountered info on breast abcesses on kellymom http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...t-abscess.html at this link. It was very helpful.
    I'm sharing this with you because it is very uncommon for this to happen, but it does and there is very little info on it. Thankfully, every health-care provider I encountered was very supportive of bf and knowledgeable.

    Hope it helps!!
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    So sorry you had to go through this, mama!!

    Thanks for sharing. I first read about breast abscess in The Nursing Mother's Companion by Kathleen Huggins, who shares her own story about an abscess. It's a GREAT book, I recommend it to you and all BFing mamas!!

    I hope your BFing experience continues to grow better, and best of luck to you!

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    for 18+ months! Now we only nurse on one side because mama's other side is predisposed to recurring mastitis!!

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    sounds painful! i hope you are feeling better now!

    thanks for the info!
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