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Thread: Help 4 month biting

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    Default Help 4 month biting

    My son is 4 months and eats about 5-6 times a day. His weight is in the 75% and he sleeps through the night. He recently got two teeth about two weeks ago and he is biting me. I don't know what to do. I thought this was going to happen around 9 months and then I was going to consider stop breastfeeding. He is way too young to stop and the more I think about it the more I want to breastfeed until he is at least 2.

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    Default Re: Help 4 month biting

    This link may help.

    I'm so sorry you're getting bitten!

    Oh, and it's great that even as you're getting chewed on you're thinking of nursing until 2. You're a good and giving mama.

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    Default Re: Help 4 month biting

    Thanks, I check out the link. I have done some research online. I was hoping to chat with someone that also has some firsthand experience with biting while nursing. I do appreciate any help and advice or link that I can get. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Help 4 month biting

    DS bit me mercilessly for 2 weeks when his first 2 teeth came in. I ready the info on kellymom and it helped. I don't understand when people say they can't bite with their bottom teeth because their tongue is covering their teeth. Obviously he found a way!

    The good news is, the next 2 teeth came in, he only bit me a few times. Now he's 9 months and has 5 1/2 teeth and never bites me.

    During those difficult 2 weeks, I found #1 He bit me when he wasn't that hungry and I kept latching him on anyway. So I learned the hard way to pay more attention. #2 He bit me when distracted. So I started feeding him in a quiet dark room for all feedings #3 He bit me at the end of the feeding. I started to pay more attention and when I felt he was 'done', I took him off before he had the chance #4 most important, if he did bite me, the boob got taken away, no screaming or yelling, just the boob was gone. He eventually did catch on!

    Have you noticed a pattern, like when your LO is likely to bite?
    Canadian mom and breastmilk fan.
    We have 2 beautiful children: Luana who's 9 y/o, had breastmilk for 2 years and is smart as a whip. Lucas who came out kickin', is 4 y/o and continues to enjoy his milkies.

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    Default Re: Help 4 month biting

    I didn't ever have a problem with my other 2 with biting except for once or twice. My DD3 went through a phase of biting the worst of it lasted a month or so when she was around 4 months. Of course she got 2 teeth then also. I agree with what the PP said though. My LO usually bit me while waiting for a let-down or if she wasn't really hungry. I would sometimes get my milk to let-down before I latched her on when she was going through this phase. I would tell her "No bite" and unlatch her. She didn't like me telling her that. If she kept doing it I would sometimes just wait a little while and try again.

    Actually I got bit last night (LO is 9 mo now) but I was trying to nurse her before I left someones house b/c it was bedtime but she obviously didn't want it I tried 3x's and got bit 3x's. Ouch! There was too much for her to explore at my friends house I guess. Hang in there, it should just be a (painful) phase.

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    It's certainly frustrating & hard when the little one begins to bite. Nipple soreness from a teething baby is (thankfully) a temporary change. Of course, it's not necessary to wean. Hang in there... "This shall pass..." Here are some "tricks" that have helped other moms get through similar situations.

    Many times, a mom can offer a cold, wet washcloth or teething toy... "before" she nurses. This can definitely help baby nurse better & then help mom feel more comfortable. A baby's not really nursing if they're biting.... just trying to find any position to help their gums feel better.

    Other moms find that if they "anticipate" their baby about to bite (usually at the end of a feeding or if baby is falling asleep), they can pull them in towards themselves, rather than pulling baby off... since pulling off might cause some damage the nipple. Others can use their little finger between baby's teeth & gums to help baby let go if he's biting. Some even keep their finger "right there" throughout the entire feeding. Trying to stay calm while anticipating might be helpful... babies can sometimes pick up on this tension & react with biting, even clenching. Or, if baby's gnawing, a mom can try tilting baby's head back just a bit.

    If the biting is persistent, she might try stopping the feeding... offer something baby "can" chew on... & give lots of praise. Try to keep at this.

    Babies don't understand that putting their teeth on mom's nipples causes her pain... they associate nursing with comfort & security and, of course, hunger. A baby needs some time to learn to eat with new teeth... unfortunately, it often comes through trial & error. But, this does (thankfully) pass! Hang in there!

    Hope this helps!

    take care,
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