well it has been a week with out breastfeeding and we are doing well
jacob is not missing breastfeeding, i am a bit.. but i know its time , time for me to put weight on and sort my eye and face prob.. i now fit back into 10C bras mum brought me new two bras today, it was sooo good to get into a comfy bra.

i went to the doc and got the pill, its one that will stop pregnancy and help my face doc had to weigh me and was not to pleased, she doesnt understand that ive all ways been tiny since birth ( i was a prem at 28wks 780grms) and i was a fussy eater etc
she even asked if my baby was on formula , she musta thought he was younger then what he was, hes a tiny bubba.. hes nearly 14mths.
she told me to eat lots of take aways lol lol .

i said i do, i said breastfeeding took a lot of engery outa me, but im glad i gave my baby the best, i wouldnt of been upset if i had stoped breastfeeding at 6mths.

im gna try and breastfeed my next one to two years, depending on how i am etc.the doc didnt even congrate me for feeding this long, grrrrrrr
shes not my regular doc, my doc was busy

i gota take jacob to the doc 2mw hes sick