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Thread: LO tried to take breast -- shield ??

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    I'm just amazed that after four months a baby can still know to search for the breast. Amazing. I would try the nipple shield. It can't hurt. GL!!!

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    Default Re: LO tried to take breast -- shield ??

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*carla View Post
    How very exciting! It's easy to see you have a positive & loving mindset, too. Are you currently seeing an experienced LC, as well?

    Sometimes, a Palatal Obturator can work well to help a newborns with cleft palates. What does your LC or doc feel about one of these?

    take care,
    I am going to push for the obturator. We will see. Its hard because our plastic surgeon is 2 hours away and technically we do not have an appt until she is 8 months. But like I said, I will push the issue. Our ped said to try anyway. I do have an LC, but she has not gotten back to me with her thoughts as I have told her to take her time since we are not oral feeding for a while. I have decided to pick up a shield after her heart procedure.
    pumping sucks
    But I'm EPing for my baby girl!
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    ***Josie had her heart cath 2/12 and had perfect results! She is doing very well

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