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Thread: growth spurt at 4mths?

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    Question growth spurt at 4mths?

    my lo has been sleeping at night fromaround 7.30pm to 2.30am then feed and back ot bed until 6am but last two nights has been getting up earlier and earlier for the middle of night feed as well as not sleepingmuch during the day and constantly wanting to nurse. I was on domperidone until about 3wks ago and so not sure if it is a 4mth growth spurt or my supply is dropping due to no medication?
    His nappies are still normal, ie 5 wets and some times the same number of poos in a day.


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    Default Re: growth spurt at 4mths?

    I don't know if there's a prescribed growth spurt at 4 mos, but I know my lo was working on a bunch of stuff developmentally that messed with her sleeping and eating for a while right around 16-20 weeks IIRC. They're getting more active, much more aware of the world. Some days even now, if DD is so distracted that she doesn't nurse well during the day, she'll make up for it at night. I think that's very common at around four months.

    If output hasn't changed, I wouldn't stress about your supply. Try to relax, drink lots of water and eat oatmeal if you want a little supply "insurance".

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    Default Re: growth spurt at 4mths?

    From what I've read, these are the growth spurts, although I think there's alot of mini ones along the way and babies won't follow the schedule exactly. Thanks for the reminder, actually, DS has been driving me nuts at night, like eating every 3.5 hours and now I realize its the 9month growth spurt!

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    Even though there are more common times for growth spurts doesn't mean that they can't strike whenever. Just as soon as you think you've got things figured out they go and change on you. LIke pp said, many developmental things can mess up your lo's sleep patterns. Hang in there, it will pass!

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    My baby is 4mo and i made a trip to NY, a day after we arrived she became fussier and fussier and always wanted to bf. She han't gone thru this at the 3mo stage so I supposed it was time for that growth spurt. Yet I also believe that the change in weather (I'm from the caribbean) and the fact that she's theeting -YEA, at 4 months!! - also contribute. If there's one thing I've learned is that babies are kinda unpredictable.
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