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Thread: need opion on Whisper Wear pump

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    Default need opion on Whisper Wear pump

    Has anyone tried the Whisper Wear breast pump? How strong and effective is it? Please advise. thanks

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    Default Re: need opion on Whisper Wear pump

    i don't personally use the whisper wear (i have a medela PIS advanced)...but babycenter.com sells it and it's rated 3 out of 5 stars. there are over 70 user comments on there if you'd like to see them..


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    Default Re: need opion on Whisper Wear pump

    i bought the whisper wear, which cost me around $200 for a double pump. then invested on the electrical connector thinking it was going to be more effective. it did not work for me. i ended up buying the medela pis which has been very good

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    Default Re: need opion on Whisper Wear pump

    I had bought a medella pump in style because everyone said it was best. My friend had a whisperwear and let me borrow her's. I hated the whisperwear at first because i found it difficult to attach and it seemed to have a lot of suction. However, a little later once my son got the hang of breastfeeding I found my Medella no longer was as efficient and I couldn't get my let down to come because it was so noisy. Whisperwear has 3 different settings and I found I liked that better than having to experiment with all the different speeds/suction with medella. I know have stopped using my medella completely and only do the whisperwear. I do have to say I LOVE it now. It is so small and hands free which is fantastic. Again, at first I found it hard to use and wasn't sure about it... if you do get it just know it is hard to figure out how you need to make it latch on at first. I think i was trying to hard to jam my nipple into the cup...lol! but if you just place it on and hold it there the movement will suction onto your breast itself. if you get one and need any help i would be happy to answer any questions.

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