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Thread: Family Criticism

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    First off congratulations on bfing I found that the first few weeks were the hardest. The ladies on here have given some great advice for dealing with criticism. I think we all have dealt with it in some form or another, unfortunate but true. Now that DS is almost 19 months I am starting to get more of it. I have found that some people don't really care about the facts and most likely will never change their minds. So when those people say that's sick or when are you going to stop? I tell them "as long as he is weaned and out of my bed by college its okay" (we co-sleep) You should see their faces

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*farm.girl View Post
    I tell them "as long as he is weaned and out of my bed by college its okay" (we co-sleep) You should see their faces
    My mom used to tell people the same thing!
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    Well we reached the two month BF mark and i'm more sure then ever this is something I DEFINITELY want to do despite the criticism from not only my MIL but also my own family as well.

    Nursing DD is such a joy , I absolutely love doing it and i've decided i'm going to nurse her as long as is comfortable for both of us. If its not the BFing i'm getting criticized about it's the co-sleeping issue so I can't win! I'm just completely ignoring advice and comments I don't want to hear and raising DD the way I think is in her best interest. I'm hoping that with the babywearing, co-sleeping and extended nursing she will be a very content and well adjusted little girl and I can just let it speak for itself that I was NOT wrong in my thinking
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    I think you just have to decide what you want to do and be confident. Some people, including my mom, have asked me some weird questions. I just confidentally quote the World Health Organization. They really can't argue with that.

    Incidentally, I don't have any problems with my MIL. She herself was breastfed until 5 years old and co-sleeping is normal where she comes from. Her generation finds its totally unimaginable when they hear that babies here sleep by themselves in 'cages'.
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