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Thread: BFing past one

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    There used to be a forum thread for these types of questions but i dont see it anymore so i will post it here.

    My lo is 12 mo 2 weeks. Exclusively bf for first 9 months and then supplemented after that with formula during the day as work became too complex an issue to pump. Just started with cow's milk in last two weeks but she still nurses before bed and in the morning.

    I am would like to start weaning her completely but here recently she has become so agitated when i try to put her to bed without nursing and begins to cry. When i do nurse her its like she never wants to stop. If i pull her off she just starts whining and eventually becomes so upset she screams.

    Is this her way of saying she's not ready to wean??

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    Here is the forum that you were looking for.


    Maybe she isn't ready to wean?

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    I've run into this, too... Try logging in with your LLL ID and then click on 'forums' to see if it comes up.

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    Morning and night are usually the two hardest nursing sessions to cut out. I was able recently to cut out the before bed nursing with no issues, but I think it was a miracle! Now we are down to just morning but I know that's going to be the hardest. My only hope is that she loses interest in it by the time I have another baby. Anyway, if you are up to it, don't push it and just give it more time. Maybe change up your bedtime or morning routine... you could try doing that last nursing session before brushing teeth and putting pajamas on, then maybe in a couple weeks you can see if your LO notices if you don't nurse before bed. Just a thought... GL!!!

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    Bedtime and naptime feedings are usually the last to go. She probably doesn't know how to fall asleep w/o nursing. Is there are particular reason you don't want to nurse her to sleep? Is she waking you up alot at night? If you want to break the nurse-to-sleep association, the No-Cry-Sleep-Solution has some good advice. I've done this with DS recently and he's 9 months. Its a process with many baby-steps. I can let you know more about the process if you want.

    Kellymom has some good info on weaning.

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