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Thread: Am I finished??

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    Unhappy Am I finished??

    We have used an SNS basically the whole time due to my lack of milk productin - I'm lucky if I produce 1 oz. a day. I'm very committed to giving my LO what I can produce, but lately he's not latching. I end up with milk all over the place, and then I have to pump just because he only sucked the milk out of the SNS tube. I have tried taping the tube under my breast - he wouldn't take the breast AT ALL, and I tried putting more less in the SNS at a time, but it didn't make a difference. Am I finished breastfeeding my baby??

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    I am so sorry you are going through this. We are nursing with an SNS over here as well. I do not know your whole story, so forgive me if I bring up something you have already tried or done. Are you working with an IBCLC? Has she read or does she have any materials from Cathy Watson Genna? She is an IBCLC who specializes in sucking issues. Maybe there are techniques to help? I wish I had more to offer. I am still trying to unravel the mystery of our issues over here as well and not having a ton of luck either. The best I can offer right now is hugs and support.
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    Don't give up yet! Do you have a lactation consultant who can give you your options?

    One thing that might work is to use a nipple shield in conjuction with the SNS. You can slip the tubing inside the nipple shield, then latch baby on, perhaps that will work.
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