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Thread: Schedule for feeding and changing diapers

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    Default Re: Schedule for feeding and changing diapers

    I read that somewhere too. Apparently it is a myth that babies cry bc of a wet or dirty diaper... Hmm...

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    Most of the time I changed dd after the nursing, because if I tried to do anything EXCEPT nurse her when she woke up to nurse, it was just a scream fest. She was HUNGRY and didn't care if she was wet or dirty, she just wanted to eat. So I fed her. I knew that it's much harder to feed a dry, screaming baby than a wet, calm baby.

    Sometimes she'd be really wet, so I just wrapped her in a blanket so we both wouldn't get wetter and nursed her. On those occasions, I tried to change her in the middle of the nursing session.

    On the other hand, when I had to wake her up to nurse her (had to wake her every 3 hours early on, as she was a slow weight gainer and we wanted to get some extra calories in there), changing a wet diaper was a great way to help wake her up. Cold night air on a naked bum is a real system shocker!

    So, as others have said, there is no set rule. Just whatever works for your baby--he/she will tell you soon enough what her preference is!

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    Default Re: Schedule for feeding and changing diapers

    i change my dd before i nurse her. it works best for us. plus, if she's falling asleep at the breast, i don't have to bother her with changing her diaper.

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    Default Re: Schedule for feeding and changing diapers

    Oh yeah...and I forgot to say that changing a diaper in the middle of feeding is a great way to get them to eat more!!! If they fall asleep at the breast, change a diaper (and they have usually done their pooping), wake them up and relatch. That might work.

    And even if lo isn't bothered by a wet diaper, a wet/poopy diaper will cause diaper rash on a sensitive bum. They will inevitably be bothered by the rash.

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