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Thread: Help soothe a 6 mo. old? Advice please!

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    Red face Help soothe a 6 mo. old? Advice please!

    My 6 mo. old is exclusively BF and has had 2-3 bottles her whole life. DD will not take a pacifier. I'm wondering if it's too late to introduce one? We tried soothie & nuk. When she was young she took one, but it was really sporadic, so sometimes we'd go a week without even thinking about it. Either that or she just didn't need one.
    Right now I'm struggling with getting her to sleep before 11 or 11:30 at night. When she was 3 weeks old until about 2 mo. she slept through the night! She'd sleep about 8-9 hours, just as my first DS. Then, I'm not sure what happened, but the hours kept getting shorter and shorter. Now she'll fall asleep around 8, but she'll only sleep for an hour or so. I'm just pretty frustrated with our nighttime routine as I work 2 jobs from home, and can't begin until both kids are in bed. Any advice?

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    Is she getting any teeth? My son started being really hard to put down around 9 mos and I read the book "No Cry Sleep Solution" It did work exactly but it did have several good ideas which helped. We now do a defined bedtime routine 1 hour before bed, it seems to calm him. We read, dim lights and listen to soft music.
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    Yes, she did cut 2 teeth a little before Thanksgiving. Now she's got 2 more teeth buds on top, so the Dr. said it will be about a month before those come in. It's just hard to think that it's all from teeth - her not sleeping well anymore. We hyperscheduled our son, and he did sleep wonderful from 4.5 weeks and on, but I never understood the dangers of that until knowing different by the time he was done nursing. He's still a great sleeper, but I'd never do hyperscheduling again (not that the book you suggested is to hyperschedule). Anyway...I started out not scheduling DD at all, and so it was so exciting to see that it wasn't the hyperscheduling that did it for my son, b/c she was sleeping 8 hrs at night and had NO schedule. Well, that changed, so much that I'm posting here! And if it is teeth, would the advice of that book (I've read parts of it) even help?

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