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Thread: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

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    Default C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    Hello ladies
    I am delivering via C-section this Friday (if not sooner) and was wondering when I should ask to first breastfeed my lo.

    With my DD (who is 17 months) I remember it being a while and she had a slight case of jaundice so was very sleepy .. so we never got a good latch from the beginning...I eventually just EPed and miraculously she latched on when she was 3 months old so I continued to do both until a year old...

    I don't mind doing both again, but I was wondering in advance what I should do differently!

    I know I am going to suggest "the lights" if this new one has even slight jaundice, bec I definitely blame that partly! I think my dd was 3 weeks before she opened her eyes for longer than 10 min during the day..haha! But would like to go in there with a better plan and knowledge this time around

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    I had my lo breastfeed as soon as they finished stitching me up

    I held him as soon as he was born, then they washed him up and laid him on my chest again for some pictures and then they took him out of the room while the doctor was finishing up my incision (and the nurse brought him out to show my older kiddo and sister who were waiting outside). When I got to recovery a few minutes later he was there waiting for me with a nurse. He latched on right away. The nurse had to help me though because I was still pretty numb from the spinal. She situated him on my chest and put the bed rails up and he nursed for nearly an hour He was very alert.

    If I were you, I would just make your request known before surgery. That way everyone is on the same page

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    Default Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    with pp. Let them know you want to nurse asap. Have your dh or support person remind them if necessary.
    I was able to nurse ds2 about 30 minutes after birth by repeat c-section.

    Learning About Jaundice

    Is it possible to breastfeed after a cesarean birth?
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    Default Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    I nursed as they were stitching me up (he actually just kind of wiggled around, but he was at the breast). I had been really adamant with my doctor (and anyone else who would listen ) that I wanted to nurse immediately, and he made sure it happened.

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    Default Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    We nursed as soon as I was wheeled out of the OR. DD was close before then, but after two days of no sleep, my eyes were crossing and DH had to hold her.

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    Default Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    I nursed as soon as the stitched me up. I made it very clear to the nursing staff in L and D and recovery and still had to demand that DS be brought to me immediately.
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    Default Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    I had a very SLEEPY baby. He had no interest in nursing for the 1st 24hours. And I didn't make him and I didn't panic. He weighed 8.2 when born and got all the way down to 7.9. The nursing staff where I was was very breastfeeding friendly and didn't try to scare me. They said that they don't need to eat until all the meconium passes which takes at least 24hours and that it's completely normal for babies to lose up to 10% of their birth weight. So even if you don't feed right away or your baby loses weight, don't panic and don't let the staff intimidate you when your child loses weight.
    Just make sure to room in, keep your child with you at all time and try every two to 3hours.
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    I agree with all posts!

    If you find that the hospital is NOT breastfeeding friendly, demand to speak to the head lactation consultant to rat them all out!

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    Default Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    With my LO it was an emergency c-section so she was whisked away. We did try to latch at 7 hours after birth (she had been on c-pac and was already taken off). My milk took 4 days to come in so we did bottle feed. As my milk came in, we replaced the formula with pumped breast milk. We always attempted to nurse first, then bottle feed. The nurses in the NICU were WONDERFUL and I don't think we would have been successful without them (and of course the great ladies here ). We haven't had any issues with nipple confusion and she easily goes from one to another.
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    Default Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    I agree with pps. Just make sure everyone- nurses, doctors, everyone- knows that you want to try to nurse as soon as possible. I was able to nurse as soon as they stitched me up, which was about an hour after she was born. She latched on right away and we had no problems.
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