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Thread: frequent explosive pooping -- normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*shannon75 View Post
    She has reflux as well? Personally, I would not discount the possibility of food allergy. Is her poop yellow or green/mucuosy? Any Eczema or rashes?
    no rashes of any kind, just 2 reddish marks on back of head that ped called storkbites.. and her poop is mustard-colored and shiny. to me, it looks like it could be glisteny like mucous, but i don't know what i'm looking for exactly.

    can the doctor do food allergy tests on her when she's 2 mos? or do i have to try and out diary first to see if it helps? i've already cut out milk products starting yesterday..including butter and chocolate..do i have to cut out eggs, too?

    i will also try a larger diaper.

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    Default Re: frequent explosive pooping -- normal?

    funny I bought the next size up diaper yesterday as it was on special and what do ya know, the explosive poop stayed in the nappy today! So pleased as we were in a meeting when lo started filling his pants in his carseat in the corner! I was like omg, that is so embarassing and its gona be messy but it wasn't. Have also found by putting lo in an all in one bodysuit singlet/vest (that has domes under the crotch) at least if the poop explodes out the nappy it doesnt land on anytning he is lying on (like mother inlaws carpet) or someones knee! It also saves the pretty outfits from being ruined as well. I did find that eating dairy = extra explosive poop in my lo as well as major spilling as well.
    good luck and remember your lo is sent to keep you on your toes by giving you new puzzles to work out every day!

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