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Thread: Milk Supply-Paranoid or Worst Nightmare?

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    Unhappy Milk Supply-Paranoid or Worst Nightmare?

    okay, so i've successfully breastfed for 5 months now. its been pretty patternistic...let-downs when she feeds, engourgement in the morning, and a full, sometimes spraying, supply. since about a week ago, i've noticed that my breasts are much softer and now i'm not feeling that 'tingling' sensation when she feeds. i've tried expressing and i cannot get any out. Shelby acts like sometimes she gets full but a couple of times now, shortly after latching on, pulls away and looks at me like she's not getting any. am i just paranoid or is my worst nightmare coming true? HELP!

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    First of all, don't panic. Does she seem frustrated when she pulls away or like she is playing or being distracted? Breasts can get softer over time as supply regulates and older babies can be more distractible during their feedings as they become more aware of the world around them. Pumping is also not always an indicator of supply as some mothers cannot let down to a pump at all, but still provide plenty of milk for their babies. Also, many moms stop feeling let down after a while without significant change in supply either. Also, could be time for a growth spurt. What does her diaper output look like? Has it significantly changed? That is your most important signal. Look at that first. Then, listen to your mommy sense. Do you feel there is a problem that needs investigating? This resource may help. www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/index.html
    The section entitled "Worried about low milk supply" may be of particular interest to you. If there does seem to be a problem, contacting an IBCLC may be particularly helpful. Things are likely fine, but it is always good to listen to your gut and look further into something that has you concerned. Best wishes!
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