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Thread: Baby getting less than 20 ounces a day

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    You know your baby best, if something is telling you that it's not right then I totally agree to search until that voice becomes silent.
    The LC and LLL meeting are good avenues to take, I hope you can get some useful info.

    I would also be on pins and needles in your situation

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    Sounds like things are looking forward, at least you will get some answers soon. Let us know how it goes.

    BTW, sounds like the doctors in that office are all nuts.
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    Is the Dr. willing to perform an iron check? I have heard that anemia can cause a baby to not want to eat as much. I know it is unlikely in babies under 6-9 mo, but it is possible, especially if baby has always been small. Iron is checked by a simple finger or heel prick, and they can get the results right away. I agree that you should keep your eye out for other signs of dehydration, and I would consider a second opinion possibly.
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