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Thread: Breastfeeding/acne creams and face creams

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    Hi, I'm sure I need to talk to a doctor but it's a joke to get a call back from my ped's office if it isn't a medical emergency. I have my baby's 2 month check up at the end of the month but I feel like she's just going to tell me to call a dermatologist. So I tried making an appointment with the dermatologist and I got one...in March!! I'm just wondering if it's okay to use creams for acne and anti-aging? Is is safe while you're breastfeeding? I have some acne problem areas and want to clear them up and I'm pushing 30 and have noticed some lines... it all hit me with baby #2 for some reason. So if anyone can help I'd very much appreciate it! Thanks a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*bunnyscooltes View Post
    That's a great link...

    I personally started off using a face wash that contained salicylic acid + alpha hydroxy acid and felt pretty safe using that considering the majority of it washes off. Several months ago I switched to Cetaphil cleanser, went to a dermatologist and got a prescription for erythromycin (sp?) which is lactation risk category L1. It helped quite a bit for me.

    I've held off on the anti-aging products since you really get the best benefit out of something like Retin-A, which is an L3 if I remember correctly. Instead I'm just careful to remove all makeup (I use Bare Minerals so that also helps me avoid breakouts) and use a moisturizer with sunscreen every day.

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