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Thread: Sudden, frequent awakenings

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    Default Sudden, frequent awakenings

    DD is 7 months, 3 weeks old. Over the last week, she has begun to wake frequently during the first half of the night. We have the same bedtime routine which ends with me nursing her to sleep in our bed and then placing her in her crib. In the past, this has worked like a charm, but lately, she wakes moments after being placed in her crib. Her little eyes pop open, and she is WIDE awake. If my DH tries to rock her, she protests and cries and pulls away, looking toward her bedroom door. She quiets as soon as I come into the room and hold her, and oftentimes, she will fall asleep within 15 minutes. I should note that she normally LOVES her daddy (and still does during the day!), so this has been a new development. Once asleep again, she wakes again 15 minutes to an hour later. This goes on from about 8:30 to midnight, at which point she will finally stay asleep until around 3 or 4am when she wakes for her usual nighttime feeding. Could this be teething? She's been eating her fingers, drooling... Separation anxiety? She has begun to cry when I leave the room momentarily or am not within her line of sight. She had an ear infection, but the dr said it was healing... And, if it were pain, you'd think giving her Tylenol would solve the problem, but it hasn't. Any ideas here? I got about 3.5 hours of sleep last night and am concerned about next week when I go back to work. I don't believe in letting her cry it out, so I will continue to rock/nurse her, but I'd like to have some ideas as to what is going on since she has slept through the night (w/ the exception of one feeding) since she was 8 weeks old.
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    Default Re: Sudden, frequent awakenings

    my LO gets like this when he is sick and right before I get my period. with the latter I don't make enough milk for him to be able to sleep right. both go away fairly quickly but they are hell at the time (I didn't sleep more than 2 hrs in a row last night)

    Good luck
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    Default Re: Sudden, frequent awakenings

    Hi, there!

    Sleep, or rather lack of sleep, can seem like we're on a crazy roller coaster with our children. It can be upsetting and tiring in the early months/years. Sometimes a baby's nighttime needs can easily change for many different reasons, especially as they reach a new stage or developmental milestone in their life. Striving for that "Balance" in our life is very important, too. Fortunately, our babies do grow up & learn how to gradually sleep for longer periods & sleep in deeper states... extra patience & some trial & error may be necessary.

    Do you use white noise? You might even consider an air purifier as white noise, especially this time of year... Could allergies be a reason for not sleeping well, too? Teething, which you & others have mentioned, is a big possibility. .. Teething, too,... "shall pass." For others, safely cosleeping is a wonderful way to help the family get through phases like these (at least when you're sleeping, too). For some, breastfeeding and cosleeping go hand in hand... Less sleep disruption.

    Every baby is different, but separation anxiety could be another reason. Playing "peek-a-boo" with baby often helps around this time, too.

    The frequent waking part of their life is definitely temporary... Some parents try to change their "attitude" .. . i.e. they try not to look at the clock each time baby wakes up, keeping in mind "This, too, shall pass..." If something isn't working, change it, but know you're not alone.

    The Sleep Book from Dr. Wlm. Sears is great, too, as is Dr. Jay Gordon's site. I haven't read the No Cry Sleep Solution, but I've heard this is another good one. "31 WAYS TO GET YOUR BABY TO GO TO SLEEP AND STAY ASLEEP EASIER"

    take care,

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    Default Re: Sudden, frequent awakenings

    My baby is doing the SAME thing!! She's 7 months too. I am so confused! She has been sleeping through the night for about 1 1/2 - 2 months now. (8pm-7 am) Suddenly she cries when I put her down in her crib. SO not like her at all! (Like your lo!!) And she's been waking every other hour, and crying and saying Mama. Ugh! Breaks my heart! We need sleep too. No teeth popping for her yet.... I wish I knew what was going on, sounds like we're in the same boat mama

    Any other ideas mamas?

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    Default Re: Sudden, frequent awakenings

    Like Carla said, this is a huge developmental time for babies. Learning to roll, crawl, eat solids, babble, etc can make their sleep patterns change. Hang in there. Many many of us have BTDT. This too shall pass!

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