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Thread: My gripes....

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    I hate it when others voice their opinion. I'm lucky to have mostly supportive friends and family. But it does get funny - once you hit the 6 mo. mark everyone assumes that if you've made it this far, you'll stop now.....?????

    Just an encouragement, I still get up at night with my 6 mo old and I have no intentions of giving her formula. I'd rather be up nursing her than up giving her medicine or something because she's sick....KWIM???

    Anyway, keep up the good work mommas and don't worry about what anyone else says!

    I'm Erica

    Mommy to "C" - currently 3 and half years old
    - nursed for one year

    and mommy to "M" - currently 2 years old
    - nursed for 23 months

    Wife to my handsome DH for 5 and a half years!

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    Im so happy to have this forum... it keeps me motivated big time. I don't even bother to tell most people when we've had a bad day over here.... because their response is always "Maybe she's hungry. Time for formula or solids." It starts to sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown

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