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Thread: Strange period.....

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    Default Strange period.....

    I know this will sound gross but need to know. I think I started my period for the first time in over a year! My daughter is 5 months old. The problem is that its not normal at all! Its lighter than a normal flow and its almost brown! This is sick I know but has any of u experienced this before?

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    Mama! Not sick at all, we all go through something! I had the opposite though, I had it REALLY flow. Ugh. I was actually scared how much I was losing. Hopefully someone who did have a really light and brownish flow can help.

    *I remember.... mine was light brown at first, for over a day*

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    Default Re: Strange period.....

    Sounds totally normal to me!

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    It's normal for your first few postpartum periods to be a little weird. Heavier/lighter/longer/shorter than normal. Sometimes they may even go away again for a period of time.

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    This sounds normal to me as well. My period hasn't come back yet with my youngest son, but my periods were like that when they started back with my oldest son. It took a few months before they returned to normal.

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    Hi mama... This sounds very normal to me, in fact I got lighter periods after DD, lighter and shorter... I didnt even have cramps or other symptoms... No worries...

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