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Thread: non-bio mom comfort feeding

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    I think its wonderful that you want to shoulder some of the nursing responsibility and enjoy the bonding that nursing provides. This is a different situation than adoptive nursing, though, and its VERY important, as previous posters have mentioned, that your partner do all the nursing at least initially, to establish a good supply. Beyond that, you can be used much like a pacifier. In situations where women have adopted and nursed their children, and successfully established a milk supply, they have done the majority of nursing, which is what causes a supply to establish. In your situation, the bio mom is available for the nourishment, and trying to establish 2 nursing supplies with 1 baby might be asking for trouble.

    As for the pshychological aspect, I certainly don't think it will be harmful. No different, IMO, than 2 parents feeding the baby a bottle, which happens all the time in bottle fed infants.

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    If you decide not to establish your own milk supply (I agree w/pp that having 2 milk supplies for 1 baby may mean trouble), you could most certainly at least cuddle w/the baby, skin-to-skin, w/o the actual nursing. Just remove your shirt and baby's clothes for contact bonding. This so essential for the baby's emotional well-being and you'll bond, regardless of nursing!

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