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Thread: Mucus in baby's poop

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    Do you think we should worry about the mucus in baby's stool?

    He was straining and not too happy last couple of hours, and when he pooped the mucus came out first, about 1 tablespoon, it looks kind of like a sort of a yellowish transparent glue. Then came out some normal yellowish poop. The mucus part of it smells really weird, not like his regular poop, kind of unpleasant (I mean in comparison with his regular poop, which is not as unpleasant in ordor).

    Could you kindly advice what it could be and should we worry?

    Thank you so much in advance.

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    We had this when LO had a dairy issue to the dairy I was drinking/eating. Mucus is usually allergy. I know the smell you're talking about, too. VERY weird smell!

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    It can be a sign of food allergies. The top offenders are dairy, soy & eggs. Does anyone in your family have a history of food allergies? Does your lo have any other allergy symptoms? runny nose, rash?

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