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Thread: SNS/ emptying breasts issue

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    Default SNS/ emptying breasts issue

    My LO is 6 months, and we've had to use an SNS the whole time because of my medical conditions. Lately we have a new problem... first of all, he hasn't taken my bare breast since maybe 6 weeks. I've discovered now though that he's not emptying my breast of milk! I've been pumping during Christmas break after feeding him just to get the milk out, but I have no idea what else to do to get him to empty the breast. I'm filling the whole SNS with donor breastmilk (YAY, no formula!), which is about 6 oz., and switching breasts when he's half through. Any suggestions as to what to do? I only produce maybe an ounce of milk a day, and I hate to think that my supply could go down because what I do produce isn't being used. I am using the red tubing already. I just finished feeding him and then pumping, and got out 6 cc (mL) of milk - I'm using small preemie bottles that tell you how many ccs you get so I don't have to guess. When I'm at work, I get about 8 ccs per breast.

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    SO your LO is getting at least 6 oz every feeding from the SNS?

    That might be it right there. FWIW, our LO doesn't even take 6 oz a feeding now and he is over a year...your LO may be just filling up on the milk from the SNS and then there is no need to try and empty the breast because he's full.

    When we were using the SNS (our LO was much younger than yours at the time) I put at most 2 oz in there to make sure that he had to try and get some milk from the breast. Maybe cut it back a little and see if that helps, because you can always give more late to fill him up.
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    Default Re: SNS/ emptying breasts issue

    I agree with the pp about how much to put in the SNS. We are using the SNS and have been for the last month, my son is 3 months old but I have never put more than 2 oz in and he usually only takes about 1 oz out of it. I can tell that he is stimulating my breasts enough because I pump afterward and can only get a couple of drops. Good luck I know it's frustrating!

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