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Thread: My hair is falling out...might vitamins/supplements help?

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    Default My hair is falling out...might vitamins/supplements help?

    I stopped taking the prenatals not long after DD was born 15 months ago. Over the past few months, I've noticed that my hair is falling out horribly. Not just a hair here or there. Lots of hair. Not like clumps or anything, but I can't take a shower without first cleaning out the drain. :yuck: Anyways, I spoke with my hair stylist and she is almost positive that it's because I'm not taking the vitamins like I should be, since I still nurse quite a bit. She suggested that I start them up again.

    So, I bought some prenatals and will begin taking them. However, I also have a bottle of Mommy's Bliss Omega-3 fish oil capsules that I bought a long time ago and never began taking. I'm wondering if I should start taking these, too, in addition to the vitamins. Is it necessary, or will it help me even more? I know that the vitamins and the fish oil with extra DHA will help DD, but will it help me you think?

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    Default Re: My hair is falling out...might vitamins/supplements help?

    Have you recently started nursing less than you used to? Did you have a lot of hair fall out about 6 months post partum and now it's happening again?

    I had this happen 6-8 months post partum and it is completely normal. The hormones your body produces during pregnany cause your hair to stop falling out at it's normal rate and then when you stop producing those hormones after the baby is born suddenly it all falls out at once. When it happened to me, I thought there was something wrong, too, but found out it was normal. It is possible if that didn't happen to you around 6-8 months post partum you were still producing those hormones (maybe because of frequent nursing?) and they are just now starting to go away, causing your hair to start falling out a little later than most women experience it.
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    Default Re: My hair is falling out...might vitamins/supplements help?

    I don't know if vitamins will help but they can't do any harm.. you are suppose to still take vitamins after you have the baby especially while you breasfeed.. But what I do know is that my hair fell out too! and my Dr. said it was my body going throw hormonal changes after haveing the baby.. I switched to a salon shampoo called.. NIOXIN.. and this helped a little, but I really think your body just has to go through the motions.. your hair gets so thick during pregnancy it is just trying to get back to normal...
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    Default Re: My hair is falling out...might vitamins/supplements help?

    Mine is falling out too! Ugh !!

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    Default Re: My hair is falling out...might vitamins/supplements help?

    I started using this product, and it worked great after I had the "post pregnancy shed." It is huge in this area...I know a lot of people that use it...

    This is from their website too....

    Disruption of the hair growth cycle.
    Some major events can alter the hair's growth cycle temporarily. For example, giving birth to a baby, having surgery, or getting anesthesia can temporarily stop the hair growth cycle. (Because the hair we see on our heads has actually taken months to grow, a person may not notice any disruptions of the hair growth cycle until months after the event that caused it.) This type of hair loss usually corrects itself.
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